Yes, sex.

This is a topic I could go on and on and on about.  But I won’t.  At least for today.

Just a quote from “Living with the Passive Aggressive Man.”  (See link at right for the book.)

The passive aggressive man  “…depriv(es) women of sexual pleasure, and with it, honest affection and caring,….”

Me screaming here.  And screaming.  And screaming.

Yes, I have altered the paragraph to reflect my anguish.

In fairness, here is the actually sentence:

“By depriving women of sexual pleasure, and with it, honest affection and caring, a passive-aggressive man also deprives himself of a meaningful connection to another.”

How sad.  How very, very sad.

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One Response to Sex

  1. tt says:

    this one is differnt for me…. I hear all the time about how I am not affectionate enough…. and I have never really felt that he tried to deprive me… except there is a little issue with it, that he keeps saying he is going seek treatment about everytime the issue comes up, but never does… and of course when questioned about why he has not, it is because i need to make the appointment and I need to be willing to go with him… NOw on the other hand, early on befor his issue developed (trying to be kind) I can think back over the years – many of our disagreements did happen in the moments before going to bed on days that we were very romantic and it seemed we both had every intention of being imtimate…Then the dissagreement would turn into fights and then of course this cancelled any plans for intimacy… YOU KNOW… maybe this is the PA in at work….and I was just not clever enough to realize it. Maybe it used to be the argument diversion, now its not seeing the doctor…either way…the years of abuse have taken its toll on that part of me – so theres not much left to speak of

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