Me.  I’m contrary.

We’re going to the therapist.  But I don’t want to work on the marriage.  I don’t care.  I just want to be done with this.  I know I should work on the marriage since he is finally willing to go to counseling, but I just want to run screaming.

I came home tonight from work, after dark, and he had a candle lit in a lantern in my garden.  It was so pretty.  But I felt so angry that he did that.   How dare he do something nice.

Contrary.  I am just contrary.

I wish I could go away.  I want a break from all of this emotional turmoil.

Can I cry now?

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One Response to Contrary

  1. tt says:

    Not sure if your still in Therapy…. but I went for myself once, because He was literally driving me crazy (needed meds to cope – nearly lost my job because I could not focus and was having anxiety attacks because he would start things in email and then I would end up on the phone trying to defent myself or catch him in lies – They argument would insue and the tears and freaking out on my part would start. )… he attended a couple of my sessions – Did not work out for me… PA’s cant own anything – so He just further made me look crazy, he is a master at bending a truth to their advantage… and if your not on the inside of the story – you wont know it… He always claims to be the most accomodating and supportive and is good at selling that crazy to others….. We tried again for a about three sessions after a brief separtation, and again that did not work out and it got to expensive for him ( once he had wormed his way back home)… So Im not sure Therapy works until they are willing to accept responsiblity for their actions and wrong doings and sneakiness, SHOOT! by that point, if a PA could ever get there- they are probably cured… Sorry Im just being sarcastic now.

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