Yesterday when I was in that HUGE bookstore, I saw the book “10-10-10.”   I had checked it out from the library quite some time ago, but had forgotten about it.

It is a book about decision making.  You ask yourself, how will this decision/choice affect me in the next 10 minutes?  the next 10 months?  the next 10 years?  Or, short term, mid term, and long term.

So, if I decide to stay, in the next 10 minutes, I would feel overwhelming sadness, and it would be hard.  In 10 months, I imagine that my life would still be sad to me, and difficult, and in 10 years, the same thing.  I really have little to no hope of things ever improving in my marriage.

And if I decided to leave, in the next 10 minutes, I think I would feel incredible relief.  In ten months, however, I think my life would be very, very,  hard.  But in 10 years, I think I would probably be pretty happy.


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2 Responses to 10-10-10

  1. Life is too short to be miserable. In retrospect, living with a narcissist can make life seem like an eternity. I hope you have found the strength and courage to put your needs and wants first.

    Just out of curiosity, does your husband eat what you cook? My “ex” (quotation marks because he was nothing but an image he portrayed to be) would drop hints about how one of his exes cooked a 4-course meal for him but he would reject the food I got him while I was out (on my own) whenever he is undergoing some form of rage inside.

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