Four days

I was gone for four days.  While my daughters were at their event, I had a hotel room to myself.

I slept in.

I read.

I cried.

I ate when and where and what I wanted.

I went to a bookstore all by myself.  A couple of times.

I got a massage.

I went to bed when I wanted.

No criticism.

No confrontations.

No stress.

No pressure.

No tension.

I actually relaxed.

It was so nice to have a massage after having a couple of days to allow my body to relax!

Yesterday, at a rest stop, J said to me, “You look like you are wearing makeup;  your skin looks so pretty.”

Well, they say stress takes a toll on your body.  And if you take away that stress, your body is a lot healthier.  Including your skin.

I really enjoyed my four days alone.  Sometimes I did wish I had someone to talk to, to listen to me, to have a meaningful conversation with.  But I guess I wish that a lot of the time!

It was wonderful, though, not to have to be afraid of having to face conflict and strife for a few days.

Maybe I can have that again sometime.

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