A reminder to me

O.K., so I am still on the computer.  I haven’t made the bed, made the shopping list, or eaten more chocolate.  (See previous post if you are confused by this.)

I googled “depression passive aggressive” and came across a blog by a woman who has a passive aggressive boyfriend.  I’ve looked at her blog several times before in the past couple of years.

Anyhow, I thought one of her posts was a really good reminder to me so I decided to put it here.

“I was in the ‘behind the scenes’ answering comments when I came upon a discussion about trying to “fix things” and how some people feel like failures. I think that’s a common feeling for most of us. What we need to remember everyone is “THEY FAILED US”. We did not fail because we could not fix them, or because we didn’t love them enough. They failed us because they didn’t know how to be in an emotionally connected and loving relationship. While maybe our marriages, or relationships may have failed, that does not mean we failed. We were essentially “unarmed” for the fight.

“Please, as you start to think those kinds of thoughts, and they will try to fill your head, please remember we are, or were ok when we got involved with them, and we can be okay again. They probably never will be.”

A very good reminder.

Here’s the link to her site:  padontstandforpaloalto.wordpress.com

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