Can’t have this

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

A good way to deal with people, don’t you think?  That’s kinda how I try to live my life, but I’ve been thinking about it a little more today in regards to my husband.  How do I want him to treat me?

So, when he came home this evening, I was in the kitchen, making dinner, and I asked him how his day went.  He told me how much he earned and what he did today.  Then he asked me about my day.  I told him that it was o.k. (but not about my angst regarding the marriage) and that I missed working.  (My job is seasonal.)

He then told me that someone had asked about my knowledge of plants and that this person was wanting to redo the plants in their front yard and that I could probably help.

And then he said,  “This is probably none of my business but why can’t the girls keep the dishes done?  It just looks so messy.”  I told him that they had done the dishes yesterday.  He said, “They need to stop wasting their lives and get off the internet and get off their butts and do the dishes.”  I told him that I would like the dishes done more often, too, but that they were NOT wasting their lives!  He went on for another minute or so about the dishes and then went to take a shower.

(Just so you know, our older daughter is in college.  She lives at home and commutes.  She spends over half her day at college and working and then when she comes home, she does her homework.  Our younger daughter is an artist and is planning a career in art and spends her time studying art and working on her drawing and painting.  They do their own laundry, they clean their own rooms, they clean their own bathroom, the older one puts away the groceries when I bring them home, the younger one makes dinners while I am working.  The older one takes out the trash.  No, my husband does not take out the trash.   The older also one makes bread in the bread-maker at least once, if not twice, a week. They wash the dishes.  They do whatever I ask them to do around the house.  They are NOT wasting their lives!!!)

So, was this a passive aggressive maneuver on his part?  A pleasant home-coming, a little conversation.  But we couldn’t let that last, could we?

Or maybe I am just hyper-paranoid and critical.


Inhale.  Exhale.  Release.

Repeat as needed.

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