Evening again

Tonight he hung around and talked and talked and talked.  About his work.   Which is fine.

But then I was wondering what I would like to talk about.  I guess it doesn’t matter anyway, because anything I would want to talk about either wouldn’t go over well or would be criticized.

So, I was just quiet and asked the right questions at the right time.

I was thinking about the quote in my previous post: “… if your relationship is about how-your-relationship-doesn’t-work…. ”  That’s what our relationship is, from my side.  Just how it doesn’t work.  There really isn’t much else.

From his side, I don’t know.  He gets clean laundry, a fairly clean house, food bought and prepared, errands run, his children raised.  Until a couple of weeks ago, he got sex any time he wanted it.  He gets to talk about anything he wants to.  And I’m not ugly.  I guess he really hasn’t had it too bad, for a guy.

Me, I’m hurting.

Well, he needs to use the computer now, so….

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