Lies? – pt. 2

I hate it when he tells me stuff like I wrote about in the previous post.  I hate it that it makes me hope that things really will get better.  I hate it that it creates such a conflict in me, that I want it better, that I don’t want it better, that I want to leave, that I think maybe I should or will have to stay.

It makes me insane.

I wish I could just go away from all of this and just not have to deal with it in ANY way whatsoever.  I am just so tired of it all.

I am working, however slowly, toward getting a better paying job so I can at least have a hope of getting away, even if it is only for a little while, as in months or a year, to give myself time and space to figure out exactly what I do want.  Hopefully by the end of this year, I will have that better paying job.  Sometimes that seems like forever, but for right now, I am just stuck.  At least I have a plan for getting out.

Maybe him saying those things is only a ploy to get me to hang in there, to keep on putting up with him.  Or maybe he thinks he really will change.  I don’t know.  So far he hasn’t admitted that he has a problem with passive aggressive behavior and if a person can’t admit that they have a problem, then he or she can’t work at overcoming that problem.

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4 Responses to Lies? – pt. 2

  1. Paula says:

    He needs to take action. Otherwise, they’re just words.

  2. Yes. You are absolutely right. I’ve often thought that I need to write down, both for me and for him, measurable, concrete things that I need to see happening.

  3. The one thing they did tell soon to be ex when I say threw counseling with him last month was that he needed to make list. Even if it was for every day or for the week of things that he needed wanted to do and then check them off as he done them. So that he had something to be held accountable to other than just saying I am going to. make the goal put it on paper and do it. they also told him that this was something he needed to do on his own and be responsible for making sure the things get done. Because that is the only way he is going to change. he needs to learn to take responsibility.

    • Yeah. After I wrote the thing about the list, I was thinking HE needs to write down what he thinks he should be doing for the relationship. I’m really tired of trying to tell him what the relationship is supposed to be! :)

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