Leave. Just leave.

I wish he would just leave.

I am so tired of this.  I’m tired of him trying to be nice, when it is all so empty. I’m tired of him pretending he is something he is not.

I’m worried about my daughters.  One hates him so much she wants him to die.  The other one hates him, too, and she isn’t eating enough.  And she was skinny to start with.  I’m kind of scared.  She says she’s not hungry.  But I know she’s not eating enough.  I can see her losing weight and she really, seriously had nothing to loose.

I wish I had my better paying job already and my next place to live all picked out so I could go forward.

Mostly I wish he would just leave.  But he never will.

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3 Responses to Leave. Just leave.

  1. Have you asked him too or told him too? I never thought mine would either if it came down to it I figured I would be the one that would have to move out and get a place if I ever wanted to get a way from him. I was ok with that because I don’t want the house anyway. I tried to wait until I had a job and was able to move us but it just got to the point I couldn’t take it anymore. I finally just told him he had to find somewhere to move and leave until I could get a job and get me and the kids a place. Then when I left if he still wanted to keep the house and move back in he could. But that I could not live here with him until that happen. He wasn’t happy but he understood and he moved.

  2. What I find with him is I can’t just say this is what I want or ask him to do something. If he feels he has options he isn’t going to do anything or he will work on it forever trying to decide. I just told him he had to move he couldn’t stay here anymore.

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