So, last night I had to finish up some quizzes and take the final exam for one of my online courses.  He asked me how much longer I needed the computer.  I told him half an hour.

I’m working on getting this done quickly because I’m tired and I still have a lot to do.

My younger daughter comes in to where I am and sits on the floor next to me and needs to talk.  So I talk with her and try to encourage her and stuff like that.

Meantime, my computer work isn’t really getting done.  And I’m getting mad at him inside.  Why?  Because he isn’t a daddy.  He hasn’t/doesn’t share the responsibility of parenthood.  I think ideally that a daddy could listen to his daughter pour out her woes and he could comfort her and encourage her.  I might add, the woes she is pouring out to me would be GREATLY lessened if she had a daddy in the first place.  She wouldn’t have to be crying to me about some of these things if she felt loved by her daddy.  And, even if on this particular occasion she did want to talk to me instead of her daddy, at least I would have, ideally, him to support and encourage me in what I face as a mommy.  But none of this is the reality here.

So, the time that I am taking on the computer is already taking longer because of him, even though indirectly.

My younger one goes on to bed.  I work some more on my tests.  Then he comes in.  The food I had fixed for dinner and for the next day has not been put away.  I was going to put it away when I finished on the computer.  He asks me if I would like for him to put away the leftover pizza I had made for dinner.  Yes.  Then he asks me if I want him to put away the deviled eggs I had made for my breakfast.  I say o.k., but I am thinking, stop interrupting me and just let me get my tests done.  So, then he asks if I want him to put away the leftover chicken that I had made for my dinner.  I say, yes, just put plastic wrap over it and stick it in the fridge.  Then he says, oh, is it for your lunch?  Do you want me to put it in dish for you with your green beans?

I tell him, No!  Just put plastic wrap over it and put it in the fridge!  Didn’t you hear what I said?  I mean what I say.  Just leave me along and let me finish my work!

So, all in all, it took me an hour.  It wouldn’t have had to take that long, but it did.  Because he isn’t a daddy.  Because he couldn’t just leave me alone and let me do what I needed to do.  He had to be there, interrupting me under the guise of being helpful.

Can you say “passive aggressive”?  It makes me crazy!

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