Why Still Here – p.s.

On About.com Divorce Support, it states that “Passive Aggressive behavior is a form of covert abuse.”

That is what has kept me stuck for so long.  The covert part.  I really did not understand what was happening.  I couldn’t see things for what they were.

Part of the reason why I couldn’t see was that he has a very calm, nice, cheerful demeanor.  He doesn’t seem like a “bad guy” at all.  Also, I’d never heard of passive aggressive behavior.

Then, as I began to see, I didn’t want to see.  I didn’t want it to be this way.  I didn’t want to face reality.  I still struggle with that to some degree.

Also, as I’ve been figuring this out, I’ve had to rethink so many things in my life and my beliefs.  And that is hard work!  At least for me.

“The truth that sets us free is often the one we don’t want to hear.”  ~unknown

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