Last Sunday afternoon, my husband went to a wine tasting at a local vineyard a few miles from our house.  When he came home, he told me that he had signed us up to go to their St. Patrick’s Day celebration – a pot luck, wine, and music – for Saturday night (last night).  He also told me that he had bought a ticket for me to go their Girls Night Out, which will be next Friday evening.

Honestly, I was bothered by three things:  one, he had told me he was going to work more so we could have more money.  And then he took the afternoon off to go to a wine tasting.  Two, even though I like the idea of wine and music at a vineyard, I really didn’t want to go with him.  It was o.k., though.  I enjoyed it.  And the Girls’ Night Out.   It was a nice gesture, but I would rather he hadn’t spent the money on that.  Also, you don’t really go to a Girls’ Night Out alone.

The Girls’ Night Out is a wine-tasting, which includes taking home an engraved wine glass from the vineyard, a catered meal, and an “opportunity” to buy Silpada jewelry

So, last night, I emailed my sister and asked her how far she would drive for a Girls’ Night Out.  And I sent her a link to the activity.  She lives about an hour and forty-five minutes drive away.  She liked the idea, but said she would need my daughters to look after her youngest two (at my house) while we were out.  And she asked if they could all sleep on our living room floor for the night.  No problem.

This morning I was explaining all this to my younger daughter, telling her that he had bought me a ticket to the Girls’ Night Out.  She said, you know, he’s just controlling you.  And then she said, wine makes you feel bad, and he bought you a ticket to a wine tasting.

Oh, well.  I’m going to buy my sister a ticket so she can come, because I can’t really invite her and then not pay for her ticket, and I’m going to enjoy going out with her, and I just won’t drink any wine.

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8 Responses to Controlling?

  1. I do not think it was a controlling issue. I think it was a nice gesture. However, him being ur hubby he should know the effects wine has on you. So you kind of have to wonder how good of a gesture was it really. Seeing that it was already paid for when you guys are trying to save up, it should have been something you two should have decided together. But it’s no point in crying over spilled milk. I hope you have a blast.

  2. It’s so hard to understand what thrives men like yours…
    I hope you’ll have at least a bit of fun xD

    By the way, I nominated you for the TMI-award…

  3. renxkyoko says:

    I’d like to be positive *~* and guess, maybe he just wanted you to have a good time? Ugh. maybe that’s to placate you for going to a wine tasting event instead of earning some money? men’s thought processes are so different.

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