I’m sick today

I’m sick today.  Bleh.

I had a wonderful time last night at the winery’s “Girls’ Night Out” with my sister.   It was a fun atmosphere, the catered food was delicious, and I always like being with my sister.  (I have three sisters and I like them all.  This is a different sister than the one I quoted in my post, “My sister’s take.”)

The evening began with a wine tasting.  They gave us each a sheet listing all of their wines and we were told to pick seven we would like to try.  Since wine makes me sick, I didn’t do the wine tasting.  Although, I had one sip each of the wines that my sister picked.  Well, actually two sips of one wine, because with one of the wines she picked, they also give you a square of dark chocolate.  So you take a sip of the wine, eat a bite of chocolate, and then have another sip of wine.  After the wine tasting, we ate dinner, which, as I said above, was delicious.

But today I am sick.  I don’t know if it was the eight sips of wine – probably – or the delicious dinner.  I’ve been doing basically a paleo diet for the past few weeks and I don’t know if eating this definitely-not-paleo meal made me feel bad.   I think it was probably the wine, though.  I thought maybe I would be o.k. with just the sips, but evidently not.  So now I have a headache and I feel queasy and just generally very yucky.

It was good to spend time with my sister, though!   We had a lot of fun.

Different topic now.

Last week, when I was talking with Julie, the therapist, she told me that I should paint my bedroom.  I was telling her that my bedroom is ugly and so depressing to me.  I had a beautiful bedroom before I moved here, but now I’ve lived in this ugly bedroom for over seven years.  I’ve painted my daughters’ bedrooms, the living room, the dining room, my daughters’ bathroom, I’ve started painting the kitchen.  I’ve painted (mostly) the shutters on the house.  I’ve done tons of work in the yard.  But I haven’t painted my bedroom.  It’s kind of a dingy mint green and the ceiling is really dingy, too.  The room is just dark and depressing.  I have mini blinds on a couple of the windows and simple muslin panels on the other two windows.  In my shed, I have beautiful lace curtains that I have been saving to put up after I painted my bedroom.  I told Julie that I feel really stupid painting my bedroom when the floor is rotting and the roof is leaking.  And that I might be leaving in six months or a year.  She told me that she would rather me spend the next six months in a pretty bedroom, though.

So, do I paint my bedroom?  Is it worth my time, money, and energy to paint my bedroom with the rotting floor and leaking roof that I might be leaving in a few months anyway?

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2 Responses to I’m sick today

  1. hope you feel better soon!

  2. I say paint it. I did the kids rooms and the bathroom when we moved in. I never got to my room and hated it. I moved out of my room an redid it for my daughter and now don’t really have a bedroom. I have a spot big enough for my bed dresser and a nightstand that’s it. I can sit on the bed and touch everything in the room. It has been painted because I pained it for the kids when it was their area that they used. I like it more than my room even though it is so small because there is color on the walls and it looks fresh and clean.

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