Some good things

There is some good stuff in my life.

Several days ago, I received a package in the mail, hand addressed to me.  Inside, there were twelve beeswax votive candles.  I thought they were from one of my sisters, but when I emailed her to thank her, she said they weren’t from her.  I asked my husband, but he hadn’t sent them to me.  I emailed the company that sent them, asking them who had ordered them for me, but they said there was a mix-up somewhere and I wasn’t supposed to have received the candles.  They didn’t know how they had my address to send them to me.  They said to please keep the candles and they were sorry for any inconvenience it had caused me.  Believe me, twelve beeswax candles are no inconvenience!

Yesterday while I was at lunch, the director of the New Choices program I attended called me and asked me if I would speak at an event, telling the organization hosting the event how much it meant to me to have received a voucher from them (as a result of graduating from the New Choices program) for fifty dollars to spend at their thrift store, as a further aid to my job seeking.  So, I’ll be doing that next Monday night!

Then last evening, I got an email from my mentor, telling me that she wants to nominate me for a scholarship to attend an expo and luncheon in a couple of months for a Go Red for Women event in our city, about preventing heart disease.  This is a one hundred dollar ticket!  She will be chairing the event next year   [my daughter said, does that mean she brings the chairs? :) ], and she thought I would like to attend since I am interested in health.  She is, too; she has run two marathons!

So, nice things do happen to me.

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3 Responses to Some good things

  1. That’s great! I’m glad to hear there are nice things happening to you too…
    One must always hang on to those things, no? *hug*

  2. renxkyoko says:

    Oh. Nice. i hope there are more things happening to you than unpleasant ones.

    Cheers !

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