Swimming with a rock

“I heard this story the other day:  ‘A woman is swimming across a lake.  She’s holding a rock.  As she swims, she tires.  The rock is pulling her down.  People on the shore urge her to drop the rock.  She swims on, tiring as she swims.  The people shout louder.  She can barely keep her head above the water.  “Why don’t you drop it?” they shout.  As she sinks beneath the surface, she cries out one last time, “Because it’s mine!”‘”

“…[you shouldn’t] cling to a life you have built for yourself, when it is killing you….”

From “Find Your Strongest Life”  by Marcus Buckingham

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3 Responses to Swimming with a rock

  1. that is a very nice excerpt… thanks for sharing :)

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