So, for eight dollars, seventy-seven cents, and a trip to Lowe’s Home Center, I, single-handedly (o.k., so I used both hands) fixed the dripping water in the girls’ bathtub.

The hot water has been dripping continually through the spout for I don’t know how long.  Months ago, I told my husband that it leaked and he said that we would have to go into the wall to fix it.  (That, of course, would be too much work and, therefore, out of the question.)  This afternoon, I completely took apart the hot water faucet and took it all to Lowe’s.  I asked the guy in the plumbing department for help and he found for me what I needed:  a new washer.  The one in the faucet was about two-thirds worn away!   He said he would go ahead and put it in for me, but when he tried to unscrew the screw on the washer, the screw broke.  So he found a package with a screw in it and replaced it for me.  I came home and put the faucet back together.  And the spout doesn’t drip any more.   Yipee!

Maybe I should become a plumber.  They make lots of money, right?   And I like to fix things.  And people would hire a female plumber, right?  Hmmm…..

K measured how much the faucet was dripping.  She calculated sixty gallons every twenty-four hours!

Without it dripping, it should help a little with a few things.  Sixty fewer gallons a day will be going through my whole-house water filter, so maybe I’ll be able to replace the filter every three or four weeks instead of every other week.  (The well has some serious issues, so I have to replace the filter more often than I should have to.)  Next, the hot water heater will not be heating an extra sixty gallons of hot water a day.  And, sixty extra gallons a day won’t be going into the already-failing septic system.  So, maybe there will be fewer stinky puddles out there.

All for eight dollars, seventy-seven cents, and a trip to Lowe’s.

And the willingness to get it done.

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  1. congratulations! *huggle*

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