Do I matter?

This past week-end, we went out of town.  When we got to the city where we were staying, we went to my favorite specialty grocery store.  Just inside the door there were cut flowers and potted plants.  My husband pick up a bunch of cut roses and asked me if I would like them.   Since we were staying in a hotel, I asked him what we would put them in.  He said, A drinking glass?  I said, what I would really like was a Martha Washington geranium.  My grandmother used to grow them and they were sold as plants, not cut flowers in the store.  I was squatting down, looking at the plants, and he said, I’m going to go look at the food.

End of subject.  I guess it didn’t really matter to him what I wanted.

The next night, after we got back from dinner with friends at a delicious Greek diner, I thought it would be nice to have some Perrier mineral water.  So I asked him if he thought the bar downstairs would have it.  He said, yes.  Then he asked me if I wanted him to go get it for me.  I told him, yes.  He went back into the sitting area and I heard him checking the messages on the phone.  And then he called the person who had called him.

Uhhmmmm……  what about the offer to get me mineral water????

Finally, I grabbed ten bucks and went down to the bar in the lobby myself.  I got my Perrier, and stayed down at the bar, talking to a couple of old friends who were also there.

Does what I want matter at all???  And these are only little, little things.

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