I am so mad right now.

Our well leaks.  Somehow, the red clay that passes for “soil” around here gets into the well.  I have to continually change the whole house filter so the water in the house doesn’t turn red.   Sometimes, even if I’ve recently changed the whole house filter, the filter isn’t enough and the water turns red anyway.

I love white cotton sheets in the summer.  (Can you tell where this is going?)   So I just went to the washing machine to put my white cotton sheets into the dryer.   They’re not white anymore.   I could scream and kick things and break things.   This just makes me SO mad.

Now why doesn’t this happen when I am washing a load of work jeans?   No.  Only my precious white cotton sheets.

So, I’ve changed the filter under the house and started a load of work  jeans to get the muddy water out of the hot water tank.  When that load is done, then I will re-wash the white cotton sheets (and my summer cotton nightgowns that are pastels rather than white) in Tide with Bleach, which I don’t like to do.  But since this is an emergency, that is what I have to do.

I hope the Tide with Bleach doesn’t take too much color out of the nightgowns.  :(   Maybe I will try just rewashing them separately.  :(

I hate this so much!!!

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2 Responses to I HATE THIS HOUSE!!!

  1. Aaargh, that is truly frustrating! x.x

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