We’re going canoeing.  I’m wearing shorts.  The vinyl seat in his truck is very uncomfortable on my bare legs.  I get a towel to sit on so my legs won’t stick to the vinyl.

He says, “My next truck is going to have cloth seats.”

“Oh,” I say. “When are you getting a new truck?”

He says, “When my dad dies.”

I’m thinking…  he’s maybe planning to use inheritance money to buy a truck…?  By the way, there’s not a lot of chance that his dad will die anytime soon.

Then the “aha” moment.

I say, “Your dad’s truck has cloth seats?”

He says, “Yes.”

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5 Responses to Ambition

  1. Oh my god that man is being lazy…

    • I mean BEYOND lazy xD

    • Corrie says:

      This sounds ridiculous to me on both ur parts. Probably dont have enough info. But even so. What should it matter? Is this something that bothers u? W/ such little info on both sides. I shouldn’t be so bothered. Just sounds so senless to even mention something this huge w/ such little details. Work w/ ur husbands crumbs. U maybe extemely surprised! Understandable that u may be weary after all these years. However, forgivness is key in healing! Only through God is forgivness possible! Something we all need help with! Your husband has a point. You both have a problem. You excepting his behavior for all these years is yours. Your husbands may have been subconcious or aware. Either way, u were aware of ur
      Co-dependency which makes u both guilty. Seems like a great oppurtunity to fight for ur marriage now that u know ur husband both admits & is taking responsibility by saying you “BOTH” have a problem. Life is to short to throw hope out the door. It maybe hard. BUT NOTHING GOOD COMES EASY! Please, work hard @ making ur marriage work! God is for marriage. His word says: Let no man seperate what I have ordained. He loves you both and is waiting for you both through Him to put aside ur differences. “FORGIVINESS” And ask Him to help u both. He’s waiting!


      w/ such lack of detail. You

      sound like the martyr-avoidant little idetails. Maybe I need self spiritual internal examination for feeling the need to respond

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