We have an event to go to this afternoon.  This morning he says, “I’m leaving at 12:45,” in a tone of voice and look that implies, “with or without you.”  (I wonder what he would say to our friends if he really did show up without me?)

Well, I’m taking food to this event, and it takes a little time to prepare this food.

AFTER the food is already fixed, he says, “Do you need any help?”

So now, he’s getting ready to put the food in the van.

He says, “That sure seems like a lot of food,” with a negative tone of voice.

I said, “Do you want to plan the menu next time?”

He says (of course),  “No.”

I say, “Well, the don’t criticize me.”

He says, “I’m not criticizing you.”

I try to explain to him that he is criticizing me.

Finally, he says, not very convincingly, “I’m sorry I criticized you.”

No.  Really.  You’re sorry I called you on your rude behavior towards me.

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4 Responses to Rude?

  1. Allie says:

    Hello Friend. I am happy you were able to get some Peace, relax, and sleep well. Friend, you are a Firework. That Katy Perry song. Not sure if you have an iPod or not but buy the song. I think this is the perfect anthem song to those of us living with emotionally abusive spouses. Remember who you are and that you, and none of us, were born to be abused. Heard Christi Paul say this on Dr Drew the other night. She is the TLN news correspondant who just wrote Love Doesnt Have To Hurt. She has a good point. I am snatching up that book at Barnes and Noble Tuesday afternoon on my way home from work. Someday we will be rid of Toxic Man and the poison, and by learning to live for ourselves (healthy detachment–this was a great add thanks) and really living despite the toxicity, this will be our *kryptonite* against the poision. Stay well, thinking about you, have a wonderful 4th of July.

  2. gurus4life says:

    You are bright and bold and brave! May you have all the strength and gentleness that you deserve today!

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