I have this dream…

I live in a house with a roof that does not leak.

I live in a house with floors that are not rotting.

I live in a house that has no termites.

I live in a house that has no mold; not in the carpets, not in the air conditioning, not even in the bathroom.

I live in a house that has nice floors, not disintegrating carpet, not torn linoleum.

I live in a house that does not have a failing septic system.

I live in a house the does not smell bad because of the air conditioning.

I live in a house where the well does not leak; where I do not have to be afraid for my white sheets, where I do not have to crawl under the house every other week to change the water filter.

I live in a house, where when there are problems in the house, as is the nature of houses, the problems will either be fixed in a timely manner, or plans will be made, and followed through, to get the problems fixed.

I realize that this is a relatively unimportant dream in the grand scheme of things.  But still, I have this dream…

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11 Responses to I have this dream…

  1. Your dream is nothing but the normal wish of any normal person, I’d say… hang on to it. I just know that you’ll find a way to get through to it.

    • Thanks, QP!!! :) I appreciate so much your optimism and encouragement! Yes, I will find a way to get through it. I get discouraged too often, but I can’t give up and just let myself sink! :) Oh, I am going to read a book called Quantum Enigma. When I heard about the book, it sounded interesting to me, but it also made me think of you! :)

      • I hope it was a good book…
        It’s been quite a while since the last time I read a physics related book… I should get back to it some time…
        Take care and keep going… I’m sure you’ll manage to climb up from your trouble *huggles*

      • Just last night I was wondering how you were doing because I hadn’t heard from you in awhile! :} Thanks for stopping by! :}

  2. It is a rather important dream really because when there is something in your life such as your house that has that many problems or bothers you that much it will always be there nagging at you. You try to be happy but it just reminds you of everything else that is wrong no matter how big or small. Even though I got him out of the house it still drove me crazy because of all that was wrong with it and not being able to have things the way I wanted and to be able to do the things I wanted. I don’t have the best living arrangement’s but it is a step in the right direction. It isn’t a bad place it is just a little small.

    • Yeah. In a number of places, I’ve read and heard that you kind of have to have the whole of your life going well or you still don’t feel complete. So maybe you have a good job but a lousy marriage, or maybe a good marriage, but a lousy job. Or maybe good health, but terrible living conditions. It ALL has to be in sync. You need to have good things going in ALL areas of your life, or else the “bad” area will pull you down. I am glad that your life is going in a better directions now. It is encouraging to me to read about people who have been in a bad place and they have turned their lives around. Thank you for all of the comments you leave on my blog. I know I am not that good about leaving comments, but I do enjoy reading your blog and I am glad for the good things in your life. :)

  3. I do appreciate your dream. It may be more effective in acquiring your dream if you focus on the positive aspects of the house that you want to live. Your brain thinks in images and the image of “a house with a new roof” or “a house with an intact septic system” may be a better image to consider. If you focus on this image repeatedly, the unconscious processes will be looking for this image with allow you desired criteria (area of town, square footage, etc.). I would not say this if I felt that this process did not work. My wife and I found our new home by knowing exactly what type of house that we wanted. When we finally saw that those houses were affordable due to a decline in the real estate market, we were able to buy “the house of our dreams”.

    I absolutely believe that your dream can come true.

    • Thank you for your encouragement. In the past few months, probably a little more than a year, I have tried working with positive affirmations. I have spent so much of my life beating myself up mentally that it has been a huge shift for me to say nice things to myself instead of mean things. In February, as part of a course that I was taking, I had to write positive affirmations about my life, one year from the time of the class. After your comment, it made me think about what I had written because I knew I had written about my house. Here are my scribbled notes from the beginning of that session of the course:

      Walk down a new street [This is from a poem that was read at the beginning of the course – about making changes in your life]
      What would that look like?
      Visualize: work, home, relationships, health, spirituality

      happy, peaceful, cheerful
      admin. assist. – capable, part of a team
      uplifting workplace, positive energetic co-workers
      me – confident, nice dressed, competent
      peaceful, cheerful home – sunny, yellow
      happy, not stressful – sound, well-built
      relationships – with a handsome man who truly loves me and cares about me
      we have lots of sex
      health – eat well, exercise – very healthy & happy
      spirituality – at peace

      Seeing is believing —> Believing is seeing.


      So thank you for your comment and your encouragement! :)

  4. Karen says:

    Hang on to that dream! Visualization is amazing. I picture your house like a “Country Gardens” magazine pic. :-)

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