Final answer

Last night I asked him if we could go to a marriage counselor.

He said he wanted us to do the workbook in the back of the book, “How We Love.”

I said, o.k.


So, did he answer my question, can we go to a marriage counselor?

Yes, he did.


The answer is:  no.

I’m not going to ask him again.  Period.  If I mention thinking about asking him again to go to counseling, remind me of what I say here!

I’m not going to ask him to work on the workbook.  If he brings it up, I will work on it with him.  But I am not going to bring it up.  If I mean anything to him, if the marriage means anything to him, maybe he’ll do something.  But I guess the track-record is that so far he hasn’t been motivated enough to actually make some changes in his daily life.

Just like he put a tarp on the leaking roof instead of actually fixing the leak, he puts a “tarp,” in the form of placating words, over our marriage rather than actually doing anything to help improve the marriage.

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