On the local news…

I’m very tired, but I really wanted to write tonight.

I started a new job last week.  It’s “only” a six week temp job, but it pays half again what my seasonal job did, and it is a step closer to the kind of job I want to have.  Oh, I got laid off in June from my seasonal job, even though my manager had told me they weren’t going to lay me off.  Budget stuff.  But that’s o.k.  It just put me on the path I needed to be on quicker.

I got  up very early this morning to be on the local news!  The director of the New Choices Program that I took in February asked me to be with her on a two minute segment on the local news about the New Choices Program for displaced homemakers.  That program was great for me, so I am more than happy to talk to anyone about it!  I don’t remember if I told you, but I was quoted, as an alumni of the New Choices Program,  in the local paper about three or four weeks ago in reference to networking.

He’s being nice to me right now.  I hate it that I have to feel wary about how long that will last.  And I don’t want to sound mean, but there still isn’t any depth.  But at least he’s being nice for the time being.

If you’ve commented on my blog, and I haven’t answered, or even posted your comment, please forgive me.  I have been so busy and so tired, but your comments really are important to me.  They mean a LOT to me!  I will answer you.  :)

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5 Responses to On the local news…

  1. Congrats on the job and the news spot.

  2. Karen says:

    I understand the “being nicer” causes you to look over your shoulder! What’s next, right?

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