Call me irresponsible – addendum

I have a few more thoughts that I want to add to my previous post.

In the conversation last night, he seemed so bitter towards our daughters, both of them.  He even said he was thinking that it wasn’t a good idea to give K the car, as he had said he was going to do.

I regret that I didn’t help my daughters get jobs during high school.  I think maybe because I felt like I “had” to work in high school, I didn’t want to transfer that to them.  But I think I have done them a disservice by not encouraging them to get jobs.

I regret that I personally have not handled money better.  In high school and college and the first part of our marriage, I handled money very well.  But in the time since we moved almost eight years ago, I’ve gotten into some very bad habits.  And I’ve gotten discouraged about money in a way that I never was before.  I’m not excusing myself.  I just regret that I didn’t handle things better.

All I can do is go forward.

Oh, I talked to the credit union, and I won’t have any problem getting the loan.

I’m at work right now, but if I wasn’t, I would be absolutely bawling.  This hurts in so many ways that I literally cannot even begin to express.

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7 Responses to Call me irresponsible – addendum

  1. I figured you would get the loan. Credit Unions are easier to work with than banks, and they will usually do it, altho at a higher interest rate, but not as high as going thru the dealership.

  2. childofthetruth says:

    I wish I could offer a shoulder. I understand the “hurt so much”. You need a chance to cry and release your frustrations. This blog is a great idea and it is helping you vent and share, and maybe look at things with better clarity. I’m grateful to read your blog and other wives responses so that I don’t feel alone. When I try explaining to people what I’m going through, I get such a puzzled look and then told I’m super-sensitive. Well, I’ve learned that LOTS of people do not know what passive aggression is. I was one of them. We all were! Now, I pray my PAH will see it too. Please pray for me for tomorrow will be the day that I tell him that I’m separating from him and moving out this weekend. I have my moments of strength and then I get freaking scared. Then I pray for God to stop me if this is not what I should do. I’ve already got the ball rolling with my new job starting next week. I’ve told son #1 and he suspected as much. We talked and he is sad but he says he understands. I haven’t told son #2 yet. He’s got alot going on that I’m waiting for him to settle down. WP, Jesus says to not worry about tomorrow for there is enough to deal with today. (My paraphrase of Matt. 6:33-34.) Then I just deal with today and pray for God’s help moment by moment, minute by minute, hour by hour, and so forth. That’s how we are gonna get through this. Right?

  3. childofthetruth says:

    Oh, and I just took the Meyers-Brigg pt and I am ISFJ. Wow! and Cool! and True!

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