an introduction

Well, I am now the proud owner of a new (used) car!  Actually, I am the owner of a loan, and the car will be mine once I have paid the loan.  But now my younger daughter has a car to drive to and from college.

 Even though my husband wouldn’t help me buy a car for her to use, he did go look at a couple of cars for me after I found them on craigslist.  So, he was being nice in that way.  But yesterday evening, on my way to the mechanic’s to meet the seller to get the car checked out, I stopped by where my husband has his business to ask him something about the car as he had already looked at it.  So I was there talking with him and he turned around and asked his helper something about the car, because his assistant had gone with him to look at this car and his assistant knew a little bit about cars.  My husband said to his assistant, “This is my wife.  She’s the one I’ve been telling you dirt about all day.”  The man was gracious and said, “I didn’t believe a word of it, ma’am.”

 I ignored what my husband said and just went on with the conversation about the car.  But, you know, I often wonder why he can’t just be nice.  He was being nice, looking at cars for me.  He answered some questions for me about the insurance.  So, for a little bit there, it was going nicely.  But then he had to go say something so rude. 

I used to work for him, but one of the main reasons why I quit was because sometimes he would say rude things about me in front of me to his customers.  Not only did it insult me, but I think it made his customers feel uncomfortable, too.

Anyhow, everything went well for me to get the loan and sign the papers and get it all taken care of.  And while the seller and I were waiting at the credit union for him to get his cash from the check, he handed me a $20 bill and said, fill it up with gas!  I thought that was so sweet!

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4 Responses to an introduction

  1. angelinblood says:

    Gosh I totally see me playing this situation in my head as myself…

  2. I would have slapped him in the face for that comment. But then, I am known for my volatile temper. Yet still. ARGH!
    Good of you that you managed to do the whole car-loan-thing, it’s like a big achievement :)

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