a “wish-list”

I sort the incoming mail in our office.  Advertising has been coming from a company that produces greeting cards for businesses to send out at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  These packets also contain a sample card.  A number of these packets have been addressed to employees who are no longer here, so I was told that I could just leave them out for whoever wants them, since they are only advertising and nothing personal.

 I kept the sample card out of one of these packets.  Let me see if I can describe it for you.

 It has a black background.  One the left side, in the bottom half, there is a red foil gift box, with the lid tipped open.  The box has a gold and red ribbon on it with a gold and red bow on top of the box lid.  Coming out of the box and floating across the rest of the card are silver swirling lines and little silver stars.  On the silver swirling lines are words written in gold.  The words are:









That sounds like a pretty good start to a “wish-list” for my life!

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4 Responses to a “wish-list”

  1. tt says:

    Peace is at the top of my list! I am starved for it…. which is probably why I am over weight…. I eat everything in sight trying to satiate my hunger for Peace.

  2. Karen says:

    Yes. Peace. Not chaos!

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