A milestone

Today, I feel like, is a milestone in my life.

 My younger daughter passed her driver’s test, so now she has her driver’s license.

 My older daughter moves into her own apartment in another state, far away.  (O.K., so I could drive there in less than a day, but it still seems far away.)

 I homeschooled both of my daughters and now, now they are both in college, they both have cars, they both have responsibility and freedom. 

 My older one has done so well in college and, if this week is any indication, my younger daughter will also do very well in college.

 So, today, I could just about say, my work here is done.  Of course, I am still their Mommie (and always will be), and my younger one still does live at home and I know I will still need to help her some with her school, but essentially, the “raising my daughters” part of my life is pretty much finished.

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