being a buffer

Yesterday, about the time I got off work, my  younger daughter called me to tell me that her car wouldn’t start.  So, after picking up my kitty from the vet (another story) and taking him home, I started up towards my daughter’s college.  I called my husband to see if we had a roadside assistance program (like AAA) and he said we did, but I had no idea where my card might be.  He asked me if I wanted him to go up to the college and see about the car.  I told him that wouldn’t work because our younger daughter won’t speak to him.  I said I would call him when I got there if I needed him.  He said, “If that’s the way you want it” in a rather rude voice.

I wanted to scream.  That’s NOT the way I want it.  I want a man who actually has a loving relationship with his daughter so that this would not even be an issue.  I want a man who loves his daughter enough to actually build a relationship, that he would be the one she calls when she has car trouble.  I want a man who would be a daddy to his little girl, now grown up.

Anyhow, I called him back a few minutes later and asked him to meet me up at the college.  I had to be the buffer, chose to be the buffer, between the two of them.  We jump-started the car and she was able to drive home without any problem.


Today at work, someone called me by a diminutive of my name.  Very few people have called  me that in my life and no one has called me that in years.   It makes me feel very special when someone calls me by that name.  But this man didn’t know that.   He is just a friendly, energetic co-worker.  Still, it was nice to hear the name again.

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5 Responses to being a buffer

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that the relations are so bad that even such a thing is a problem…
    I’m happy though that you had some positive points too :)

  2. childofthetruth says:

    I understand how you feel. We all have desires to feel special. Right now, I would love to feel special. LOL! I hope you don’t take this as hurtful but be on your guard. Life is complicated enough without adding to it. It would be really easy right now to fall for just the right guy who says and does just the right things BUT I want to be able to stand on my own emotionally before, if I’m fortunate, I get involve with someone. I want to have that open and honest relationship that I desire now. I’m not saying you are lookin’! Just be cautious! And glad to read the car was ok.

    • Hi, Thank you so much for your concern. I am trying to be SO careful; I really don’t need my life to be any more complicated than it already is!!! Just so you know, I work in a corporate office and these are very successful business people and I have noticed that they call people by their names a LOT. I think I’ve probably heard my name more in the weeks since I started working there than I have my whole life! This man just said my name that way as he walked by, so it wasn’t even anything that was intended to be special or anything like that. It is just that that name makes me feel special and he happened to use it as he walked by. That’s all. My reaction – not his intent. But thank you, though! I appreciate your concern and your encouragement! :} And I’m glad the car was o.k., too!!! :}

  3. childofthetruth says:

    Did you get a new job? Will it help you out?

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