crying wolf

Yesterday afternoon, I let my kitten go outside to play.  He didn’t come back.  I was so sad; I love this little kitten.

My husband said encouraging things like, he’ll come home for dinner.  He’ll be back in the morning.  When I said I was afraid he would be caught in a trap (people set out traps for raccoons and possums and skunks), he said he didn’t think there were really any traps set out.  He said he hoped my kitty would come back.

Here’s the thing.  I wanted to believe his encouragement, but I didn’t.  It sounded insincere to me.  For one thing, I don’t think he wanted me to have the cat in the first place.

But, more than that, after thinking about it, I realized that I couldn’t trust his encouragement for this reason: most of what he says, regardless of the situation, doesn’t come to pass.  Now, I know that no one can control where the kitty goes or what happens to him when he is exploring, but I think my mind just automatically does not accept whatever my husband says.  It’s like the boy who cried “wolf.”  Nobody trusted him after awhile, because he lied to them too many times.

Thankfully, this morning when I went out to run, I called my kitten and shined my little flashlight under the plants and there he was, safe and sound.  I was so glad!

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4 Responses to crying wolf

  1. You simply don’t like your husband anymore, and with reason I’d say. You have no reason to trust him or like him after all he’s done to you. If his attempts to be a better man are sincere (which is highly unlikely) that’s too bad for him. He doesn’t deserve your trust.
    I’m glad you found your kitty!

  2. tt says:

    So now he will get to be all arrogant and act like he has/had all the answers…and how you never listen to him when he tries to comfort you – he da man!…Quite honestly, when I read your blog I can so relate that ever time I do read it……I get mad at my husband, even when he has been nice that day…because I am so close to all of the emotions that you vent here. I also think that quantumphysica is right…..we just dont like them anymore….we try becuase they have moments of “nice” but we know they will always return back to PA.

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