don’t know what to say

Last night, I was lying in bed crying because I felt so hopeless and he said, “I love you very much and I am trying to be a good husband for you.”

Don’t know what to say.

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7 Responses to don’t know what to say

  1. I’m sure you’d love to believe that…but everyone who has followed along with your blog knows that its crap. If he loved you, he’d listen to you. He’d respect you. He’d make you feel like his partner, his teammate, his friend, not his burden.

  2. You should read “Promises, Promises” by Erica James once… One of the main characters somewhat reminded me of you…

  3. meinventing says:

    It is a manipulation tactic…to keep you drawn in and add a some guilt your way by using the word “trying”.

  4. Mine started that but I love you so much blah blah blah when I told him I was done and wanted him to move. Then there was the I will change and do whatever it takes to prove it to you and make you happy. I just want you happy. I had it and didn’t care no more. I told him if he really loved me and wanted to do whatever it took to make me happy get his stuff get out and leave me alone because I was done. . I know probably very harsh and mean but I had just been threw a round of the you do nothing I do it all and you have all these faults and mess with him the day before. I truly had no feeling for him any more and it made me mad that he was sitting there lieing to my face yet again. He didn’t really care he didn’t really love me. If he had he would have fixed things or at least tried to in the two years I gave him. He cared about how it was going to make him look that his wife left him and wanted a divorce he cared that he now wasn’t going to have the family there to say he had and show of as this perfect little happy family as everyone thought we were. Thats what he really cared about and what really bothered him. I will always believe that. I have told him that too. He just says no thats not it. Don’t sound very convincing or assuring at all.

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