ignoring me

He’s ignoring me this morning.  Silent treatment.  And don’t even ask me why.  Who knows.

We’re at a convention and this morning in the hotel room, he is completely ignoring me.

The main thought running through my mind is, I won’t have to put up with this for the rest of my life.

Another thought is, fine, you do your thing, I’ll do mine.  So I’m blogging.

But underneath, it still hurts a little because it is not what I wanted for my life, for my marriage.

I’d love to be here in this beautiful place laughing, talking, flirting, making love, enjoying each other and the surroundings.  But, no.  Maybe someday…..

Last night, we went out with friends and one of the ladies has been a friend of mine for years and years, even though we live in different states now.  As we were going to the ladies’ room together, she said, Your husband seems so nice.  It makes it hard to believe that your marriage is the way it is.

Can you say “COVERT abuse”?    Years ago, she divorced her husband so she knows what it is like to be in a bad marriage.  But I know I am going to get that reaction when I finally do leave – he is so nice!  What’s wrong with you?

Let me tell you – passive aggressive behavior is NOT nice!

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3 Responses to ignoring me

  1. Never worry about what people think. You know what he’s like, and their opinion doesn’t matter. Hope you’re having fun there!

  2. You will hear it all to the point that you will want to run screaming. It got so bad that for the last year almost I have hardly seen my family and rarely talked to them. Because every time i did they wanted to talk about me and ex and what I yes I did to our family and how we needed to just stop this and get back together. others I stop talking to and still don’t talk to because their comments and statements and things over and over were just way out of line. Even after being told they still felt the need to say something. Like I told everyone yes we were together for 9 years yes it is a shock to every one I understand. You all are friends with both of us I am not by any means asking anyone to take sides or anything like that. But please I do not want to hear who you think is in the right or wrong I do not care how you feel about the way things went. No one knows the truth but the two of us and if you feel you need to take sides that is fine I understand. But plane and simple I don’t want to hear about it it isnt up to you nothing you say or do will change the way things are and if you are just trying to start trouble or drama I’m not in high school.

  3. bEtsy says:

    I do understand, these type of people are worst than a bad dream…

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