Ever since I decided that I was going to leave, I have had no energy.

I know often I have written on my blog about being tired, but this is different.  I feel like I am trying to run in sand.  I have no energy.  I want to lie down and go to sleep.

Maybe it is just a physical reaction to my decision.  Maybe all of the stress finally just wore me out. Maybe a lot of my previous energy was “fight or flight” energy and since I decided what to do, I’m not edgy in the same way.

I don’t know if this is making sense.

I do hope, though, that this fatigue it is just a reaction to my decision and not anything else more serious.

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7 Responses to Fatigue

  1. K says:

    This is familiar. I’m experiencing it as well. It’s depression, stress, adrenalin fatigue. Take care of yourself. Wish I had answers. I’m having mini panic attacks. I’m pretty strong but it’s taking everything I’ve got to go to work today.

  2. hiddinsight says:

    It is absolutely the stress. It’s amazing how it affects our bodies.

  3. Paula says:

    I felt the same way. I was exhausted from the fight/flight cycle. It took all my energy just to pick up the phone and make plans to move in with my sister and tell my family what I was planning to do. I left with a small bag of clothes and some important paperwork. My other stuff meant nothing to me compared to my sanity and my son’s safety. It took me many weeks to return with a truck and the help of my sister to get my things he left outside on his car port for me. I honestly didn’t care if he destroyed anything. Luckily, he didn’t because when he would call about my things, I acted as if I didn’t care. I think if I had said that I NEED this or I NEED that, he probably would have destroyed a few things. But it didn’t matter to me. He could have burned everything. People lose things in fires everyday. Just use what little energy you do have to remove yourself. Just you and some important paperwork like your birth certificate, marriage license, passport, any and all IDs, insurance information…you know. :)

    • childofthetruth says:

      Paula’s right. That’s how I left. Just simple because it’s already hard on you. Take one day at a time. It’s been two months now and in some ways I feel so much better. No more pretending or waning. I am having my bouts of “fatigue” and the body does process it in different ways. But God is good and I’m leaning more and more on Him everyday. WP, just hang in there. The day is coming. Rooting for ya!

  4. A complete lack of physical energy is part of the process. I’ve heard it said that we only have so much energy and when all of it is invested in the emotional aspects of our life, our spiritual, mental, and physical energy is depleted. Trust me, it evens back out with time. :)

  5. iwonttakeit says:

    I am going through the same thing right now. i do hope it gets better – right now I only want to sleep. If it ever turns around we all should be able to move mountains!

  6. Melanie says:

    I went thru it too. Suddenly the pressure was different, something I hadn’t experienced, because I was not trying to protect my self, but my secret, the secret that I was leaving come first chance.

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