the lake

I went to the lake early this morning.

Rather than lying in bed, dreading another horrible situation about sex, I went to the lake.

Rather than lying in bed, resenting that I had to get the house ready for guests in the afternoon, I went to lake.

This lake is not too far from where I live and it has a wonderful hiking trail that basically follows the edge of the lake.  I used to go more often, but I haven’t been in quite awhile.

About a week and half ago, I was in line at the grocery store and a man got into line behind me.  His foot was in a cast and, just being friendly, I said, it looks you’re having fun.  He took off his sunglasses and he looked familiar to me.  Then he said, I know you…..from the lake.

Sometimes when I would go to lake last year, I would see this man there.  I have no idea what his name is, but I know some about his kids and his dogs and I know the company he works for.   On the other hand, I doubt he knows anything about me!  Anyhow, it was kinda interesting to run into him at the store.  And that he even remembered seeing me!

There is a train track somewhere near enough to the lake that I can hear the train whistle when the train goes by.  I heard it a couple of times this morning and I like that sound.

The lake trail was so beautiful this morning.  I love the fall leaves.  The greens and yellows and oranges with a little bit of red.  Even the brown.  And I had it all to myself.  It is a public area, but in all the times I’ve gone, altogether I’ve seen only a handful of people.

On a small bridge, I stopped and just tried to take it all in.  It was all so beautiful.  And I wondered why life couldn’t be like that: just beautiful and simple and peaceful.

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