So, I’m still hung up about the incident last week where I didn’t understand what this guy was saying and I’m sure he thinks I’m stupid.  I see him every week day, even though we don’t interact much, so it’s not like he was a complete stranger that I’ll never see again.  And it really doesn’t matter anyway.  Stop being so co-dependent.

But it started me thinking about perceptions.

So maybe this guy thinks I’m stupid.  There are probably some people who think I am at least a little bit smart.  Some people think I’m pretty.  Others, probably not so much.  I know lots of people think I’m nice.  Some people think I’m shy; some people think I am friendly.  When people come into our office, I know some of them don’t think much, if anything, of me, but others who come in seem happy to have met me.

And some think I am enchanting.

It’s just their perception of me.  Or my perception of their perception of me.

Am I as stupid as this guy probably thinks I am?  I doubt it. 

Actually, he probably doesn’t think about the incident, or me, one way or the other.

My conclusion?  I guess I should probably stop worrying about what someone else thinks of me!  Because it doesn’t matter!

As one of the ladies in Al-Anon would often say, “Your opinion of me is none of my business.”

Unless you think I am smart or pretty or nice, or enchanting, and then I would LOVE to know!   :)

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5 Responses to Perceptions

  1. hiddinsight says:

    Oh my goodness…! We should talk, lol. I got so much feedback on today’s post about not reading into things or overanalyzing…yeah, I get it.

  2. Jetgirl says:

    I think you are a terrific writer. I love your honesty and openness. I sense that you are deliberate about each post. That these are not stream of consciousness postings, rather I imagine that you spend time perfecting the composition. That the process is helpul in and of itself but that the final product is a labor of love. By the way, I nearly cried when I read about the FedEx guy. I get it. And only a talented writer writing about things that are raw and real can do that.

    • Thank you!!! :} I use my blog as a release, as a way to process my thoughts, as a way to help deal with the insanity that living with a passive aggressive man brings! I do think about my posts and I do make sure I say what I want to say, but honestly, I pretty much post them almost exactly as I’ve written them. I read them through 2 or 3 times, but I usually don’t end up making that many changes. Thank you so much for your compliment! :}

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