Line in the Sand

There is a count-down widget at the bottom of my blog that I titled “Line in the Sand.”

It ended today.

Today was the day that I picked several months ago as the dead-line to make the decision about whether to stay or whether to go.

I actually made that decision September 24th  and wrote about it in a post called No More Doubt.

When I attended a separation and divorce workshop recently, the lawyer giving it said, at one point, pick a date to leave and leave.  Don’t keep hanging around!  This was after I had done my Line in the Sand widget.  But this date was to make the decision, not to actually leave.

So now, I guess maybe I need to pick a date to walk out the door.  Maybe by this time next year?

(You know, it made me really sad to write this post.)

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11 Responses to Line in the Sand

  1. renxkyoko says:

    It’s odd to click LIKE about a sad post. That’s just to let you know I’ve been reading your journey. I hope you choose the right path, the path that will make you happy and give you peace.

  2. Sofia Leo says:

    Yes – pick a date to walk out the door forever. Enough hoping he will change. Enough painful days and nights wondering why you stay. You deserve a life. Take control of it!

  3. Madre says:

    Well done! Have been reading your blog and wish you only the best. You go, girl.

  4. It’s always hard to take a step into the unknown. But think how far you’ve come…
    Last year this time you may have felt incredibly sad just about having to decide whether or not you should leave… You’re such a strong person, never give up hope. Set that date, set that counter, and look at it every day knowing that every day is one day closer to your freedom, your new life owned by one person alone, this being yourself. You deserve it.
    Huggles from belgium,

  5. Erilyn says:

    I am still here praying for you. It isn’t easy to just leave…it is even harder to stay away. It is all we know. I am still “on my own” and I am feeling stronger. There are some days I wonder what the hell I am doing but I know that at least it is “what I am doing now” and not “what am I doing in this mess?”. Plan…be ready so you don’t have to look back. Keeping this journal will help you so much when you do leave because when you wonder exactly why you left, you can look back and remember. (Then you will realize that is wasn’t just your imagination!) Much love to you! (I will keep in touch!) ~Erilyn

    • Thank you for your prayers! :} Sometimes when I think about leaving, I think it will be kinda like when you are pushing on something because you want it to move or to break, and it won’t. But then when it does, you are thrown off balance, even though you got what you wanted. I think maybe leaving will be kinda like that. That I really want it and I am putting so much effort into it, emotionally, at least, and nothing is happening, and then one day, everything will burst and I won’t even know what to do. But, like you said, at least I won’t be in this mess! Thank you so much for your encouragement!!! :} I wish I had started writing years ago because there is so much crazy-making stuff that has happened over the years!!!

  6. Erilyn says:

    oh! and FYI…it has taken me over 15 years to get to this point!! When you are ready, you will know!! ~E

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