“…loving a dark soul”

from “Paula’s Pontifications.”  Please visit her blog.


If you’re stuck in a relationship this holiday season with a dark soul who expects more than he/she deserves, don’t give that person anything you feel obligated to give, including your love.

Do you demand love from God? No!

Do you demand love from your children? No!

Do you demand love from anyone you love and cherish? No!

So why do you feel it’s okay for the dark soul in your life to demand it from you? Why do you allow the dark soul to make you feel guilty if you don’t show your love or give your love the way the dark soul demands that you show or give it? You shouldn’t!!

The following is my favorite line from one of my favorite movies, Moulin Rouge.

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.” ~Christian

Has the dark soul in your life learned how to love? Of course not! So don’t give him any love in return and don’t waste your time thinking YOU are the one who can finally teach him how to love.

Spend this holiday season pouring yourself with love. Gift yourself with an escape or at least start a plan. By next year this time, you’ll be celebrating with people you really love and love you in return.

by Paula

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3 Responses to “…loving a dark soul”

  1. K says:

    Thanks. I needed that. I have 12 more days off from work and PA has just informed me he’s off for 7 of them. I want to cry. He says he HAD to take days off! Grrrr

    • Oh, Sweetie! I am SO sorry!!! I COMPLETELY understand how you feel!!!!!!!! I’m glad what Paula wrote can help and encourage you! She is right!!! Take good care of yourself!

      • K says:

        Thanks. He’s done this on purpose…he knows after he pulled this on spring break that it will upset me. I’m going to plan anyway, like Paula suggests. Maybe you and I will be in a better place next year. You take good care, too.

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