sweet UPS man

Today, someone in the office was very rude to me.   I work for a very good company and everyone in the office is very kind and friendly to me, except for this one person.  And today she bit my head off.

I, being me, was a little upset about it.  (And I do mean a little, not a lot, because I know she is this way and other people have had run-ins with her, so I know it is not just me.)  But still, it did upset me.

I take my job seriously, and I try to do a good and careful job, so to be criticized – so unjustly – and especially so very rudely – kinda shook me up.

Shortly after that, the UPS man called to see if there was anything to pick up today.  (I’ve written about that before – here.)  There wasn’t and I told him that.  But then he asked me if I was o.k.  He said it seemed like something was wrong!

So I told him that someone at the office was rude to me and it had just left me a little shaken.

He said, well, if someone was rude to you, that is their problem!  And he told me not to let it bother me.  He was really, really nice!  And I wanted to tell him that it was really sweet of him but I didn’t.

I told him, thank you, and we said, have a good evening, and bye.

But how sweet was that!

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5 Responses to sweet UPS man

  1. The unexpected kindness of those who are mere passersby in our life… Sometimes it’s all that keeps us going. Hugs.

  2. childofthetruth says:

    That was nice! Pick me ups are great.

  3. It really did cheer me up!!! And he even asked me again the next morning if I was doing all right! :} His reaction was much more sympathetic than my husband’s. It is nice to have friendly people in my life ~ including all of you who post comments on my blog! Thank you!!!! :}

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