dry underwear

We were starting to get ready to go somewhere.

He asked, do I have any clean laundry anywhere that I don’t know about?

I told him there were clean jeans in the dryer and clean shirts in the washing machine that weren’t dry yet.  Oh, and there was some underwear with the shirts.

He said he wanted to wear the underwear that was with the shirts, so I said I would put them in the dryer so they would be dry by the time he would need to put them on.  He went to take a shower and I put the clothes in the dryer.

While he was in the shower, I watched a very cool video that he had told me about of a man making a bench.  And then I started watching another video of people building a yurt.   The man who works for my husband wants to build a yurt.

My husband finished in the shower and I tell him that I watched the video about the bench and how cool it was and stuff like that.  Then I tell him that I am watching a video about building a yurt since his assistant wants to build a yurt.

(Just to make this scenario clear, 1. I am drying his clothes specifically for him right at the moment he needs them, 2. I watched a video that he really liked, and 3. I am watching a video that pertains to his assistant.  So for those 15 or so minutes, my life is completely devoted to him/his life.)

So then he asks if his underwear is dry.  I tell him that I will go check for him.  He says, no, I’ll just wear this other underwear that I don’t like as much.

I ask him why he does that to me and he says, fine, go see if the other underwear is dry.  I get the other underwear for him and come back to finish watching the video about the yurt, but then he says we need to leave earlier.   So much for watching the video on the yurt.

If you are saying, “huh?,”  I don’t blame you one bit.

But I will say that all of this is subtle passive aggressive behavior, as crazy as it may sound to read.  And I don’t like writing these posts because they do sound ridiculous.

So, go ahead and say “huh?”

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5 Responses to dry underwear

  1. K says:

    No “huh” here. Totally get it.

  2. childofthetruth says:

    All I can say is…”Dumb Nut”. (him)

  3. Pour_me says:

    I didn’t say huh. I laughed, because I totally live it…to bad I should actually be crying. PS – I want a yurt.

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