So, where do you go for comfort?

Me, I eat chocolate chips.  Semi-sweet.  Ghirardelli.  LOTS of them.

And I have the body to prove it.

You can call it stress-eating, comfort food, an addiction, whatever you want.

But any way you look at it, it isn’t healthy.

It doesn’t solve anything.  It isn’t nourishing my body or my soul.  It is another way that I sabotage myself.

I think if I were to address the issues I need to address, the codependency, the un-mourned grief deep in me, my own self-doubts, feelings of self-worthlessness, then maybe I wouldn’t stuff myself with chocolate chips in a futile effort to feel better.

And if I addressed my issues, would I no longer need to be comforted?  Or would I then know how to comfort myself?  Sometimes I try to tell myself comforting things, but often I don’t believe myself.  Sometimes I do, but often I don’t.  And so I just eat more chocolate chips.

So, where do you find comfort?

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2 Responses to comfort

  1. Sofia Leo says:

    Don’t hate me, but when I’m stressed I pretty much stop eating. Where you find comfort in feeling full, I find comfort in feeling empty, like I could go into battle and not shit myself :-) And tea. Lots and lots of tea…

  2. childofthetruth says:

    Food also for me as well, It’s the socially acceptable thing to do. Though it is not the healthiest thing to do, physically, mentally. But emotionally??? Food increases the serotonin levels in our brains. We want the “feelings” of happiness again in our world of sadness. PAA, we ALL have something we use to find that feeling of happiness, make no bones about it. If someone looks like he/she has their act together, it’s not true. Now, I’m not saying that we are ALL hopeless cases, but we ARE human. I do have my source of comfort from God, but I don’t always go to Him. That’s my fault but I do know He is there for me…and for YOU! Everyday is a new day. That’s how I’m trying to see it. Doesn’t guarantee that it will be better, but it gives me hope.

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