no heat – update

I just received this text. 

“Darling. Just so you don’t worry, the freezer is running on a heavy duty extension cord.  I will get the permanant wire in as soon as I can.”

All I can say is, the tarp has been on the roof for two and a half years.

Letting go…  Letting go….

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4 Responses to no heat – update

  1. Zoe says:

    This makes me laugh because a baseball broke one of our windows 3 years ago…

  2. justamumzy says:

    I can so relate! Deep breath in…..let it out slowly. Repeat.
    I need to learn letting go.

  3. OK, so it is now March 3rd and he is outside right now with heavy equipment, tearing up the ground so he can bury the wire. I hate to think what the yard is going to look like….

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