I don’t usually wear make-up.  Occasionally, very occasionally, I will wear a little mascara.

Today at work, a number of area executives were having head-shots and group shots done.  I was joking around with a couple of the ladies from the marketing department about getting a head shot done so I could put it on LinkedIn.  The head of marketing told me to have it done.  I told her I was just joking. She said, no, they would do a head shot for me!

So, I went to “hair and make-up,” set up here at the office, and a make-up professional put make-up on me and re-did my hair a little.

To me, I looked scary.

Then I had my picture taken.  (I seriously need to lose weight.)   There was one picture that wasn’t too bad and they will crop it and touch it up and I will have a professional head shot!

So, now, I sit at my desk, as the receptionist, all made up.  Some of the ladies here have told me that I look really good.  (Does that mean I look bad the rest of the time?)

I don’t know if any of the guys even noticed.  Well, I think the one who used to wink at me noticed I looked different.  But I have no idea what he thinks.

Anyhow, it’s different sitting here with make-up on.  I don’t know if I would want to wear make-up all the time.  What I’d really like – and who wouldn’t! – is to look great without make-up!

I wonder if it makes any difference to a man if a woman looks one way during the day/evening and then looks different at night without the make-up.

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6 Responses to Make-up

  1. Dara says:

    I found out the hard way too that my husband really didn’t and probably never planned on helping me out either. It came about when we were in the middle of the divorce (now we’re at the tail end). I found that he had been putting away at least $2,000 each paycheck for his 401k. All the while he was complaining that we needed to have a budget. Well of course we need a budget, we certainly wouldn’t want to compromise your retirement!!

    • It always amazes me that he says he loves me, but when it comes down to actions, it really is all about him. If it’s convenient for him or he doesn’t really mind or it will make him look good, he’ll do something for me. But at the end of the day, he is really selfish and won’t truly go out of the way for me.

  2. Zoe says:

    Just this past year I started wearing makeup again. It got phased out as my babies were born I guess. I did continue to wear base and lip gloss occasionally. But now I’ve added eyeliner and actual lip stick! I love it! I like to joke that my 12 year old and I started to wear makeup at the same time. lol It feels good to wear it again and I don’t look completely exhausted every day – even if I am! Keep wearing it – you’ll feel pretty :)

  3. Make-up is one of my number one comping strategies along with brushing my hair, spanking (and auto-flaggellation if no one’s around to help) and writing…
    Make-up doesn’t make you more beautiful, but it makes your good features stand out, if done well. If done really well people comment you on those, and not on your makeup. To me it is a shield, when I put on my makeup that’s like preparing for battle, putting on my armor. It makes you feel better, stronger and more in control of yourself… At least, that’s what it does to me.
    I’m happy to hear you had a positive experience with it…

    • Maybe I just need to find make up that I like and figure out how to put it on so I will like the way I look in it! I do like wearing mascara sometimes. And I do like to look at the way others do their make up. Thanks, QP!

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