feeling low…

Am I crazy to want more?

Would anyone decent even want me?

Why do I doubt so much?

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6 Responses to feeling low…

  1. Sofia Leo says:



    Because you are human and it is your nature. Also, he has eroded your confidence over the years and caused you to doubt yourself into inertia – you are unable to move in any direction because of the doubt in your heart, therefore you can’t leave him.

    • Thank you, Sofia. I appreciate your comment. I have a quote by my desk at work: “Failure to let go is the reason you haven’t moved forward.” I haven’t let go. I do have too much doubt. And yet, when I go back and read parts of my blog, I don’t know why I doubt leaving.

  2. justamumzy says:

    Of course your not crazy to want more. My heart says there is someone decent for all of us. And you doubt because you have been trained too. We need to figure out a way to undo that mind-set and move forward. Difficult as it is. Chin up lady!

  3. Life's journey and more says:

    Sometimes we get stuck in the comfort zone and we don’t want to move forward because of fear of the unknown. Know you are worthy. Everyone has that self doubt voice in their heads. You have to move past that voice even though it feels uncomfortable.
    You are the creator of you life. Making choices for yourself to be better is your empowerment.

    • Thank you for the encouragement. I do try to fight these thoughts – sometimes it is so hard, though. I am working on making my life what I want it to be – by earning more money as a start to get to where I want to be – but sometimes it seems like such slow going. I keep telling myself that it will work out one day.

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