me complaining…

OK  So I just need to complain.

Yesterday it was raining.

I asked him what he was going to do.  He said he was going to work; what did I want him to do?  I told him I wanted him to go to work.  (In case you don’t know, he works outside, so the weather does affect his job.  But he has a covered area that he often works under.)

Yesterday afternoon, I received a text from him, telling me that he was making dinner.  I thought it was nice that I didn’t have to make dinner.  But then I started thinking….  (Thinking always gets me into trouble.)

He’s making dinner… That means he’s at home….  That means he’s not working….

Long story short:  He made dinner. He washed dishes.  He filed personal taxes for his employee.  He took his dad and went shopping at a specialty grocery store about 35 miles away. 

This makes me so mad.  Yes, I like having dinner made and the dishes washed.  Yes, it was kind of him to help out his employee.  Yes, I am sure his dad had fun with him going to the grocery store.

But what about supporting his wife??? 

I can wash dishes and make dinner.  His employee could file his own taxes.  He didn’t have to go the grocery store.  And it was for himself, not so much his dad.  Trust me.

You know, I think that if he wants to work outside, that is just fine.  I have no problem with that.  But when weather is an issue as often as it is an issue where we live, you have a contingency plan.  You have a plan B so you can still earn money for your family.

Anyhow, I’ll stop complaining for now.  I’m getting tired of writing about this stuff anyway.

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