I got your back – not!

This morning, my kitty obviously didn’t feel well.  He didn’t come see me when I came in the kitchen.   When I fed him – almost 2 hours after I normally feed him – he barely ate.  He sat down to eat.  And then he just sat on the kitchen floor.  He doesn’t do that.  Of course, I was worried about him.

I asked my husband if he would take him to the vet.  My husband has his own business and is very flexible about his time.  He’ll take off pretty much any time he wants to and go shopping with his dad or his assistant or whatever.  It makes me crazy.  But, of course, he wouldn’t take my cat to the vet.

He said he would come back and check on my kitty at noon. (His parents’ property, where he has his business is next to our property.) Check for what, I asked him.  To see if he looks any better, he said.

Yeah and then what?  Do you really think he is going to go out of his way for my cat???

So, I got out my cat carrier and took my poor, crying cat to the vet.  I was late for work, but someone filled in for me until I got here.

But, really?  Is there anything he would do for me?  I guess I should have known better than to even ask.  I was so furious.  So, so furious.

The receptionist as the vet’s was very kind and listened to me rant for a minute.  It’s actually an animal hospital, so they were fine with me just showing up and dropping my kitty off to be looked at.  And then I can go pick him up after work.  It really is a great vet’s office and I know they will take very good care of my little kitty.

I just hope my kitty will be o.k.

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One Response to I got your back – not!

  1. Yep, my “husband” was the same way. Wouldn’t put himself out for the kids, much less the cats. Is your kitty ok? Sending good furry thoughts…

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