The first day of spring

Today is the first day of spring!  Whew!

Anyhow, today I attended a Fred Pryor Seminar about becoming an Outstanding Receptionist.  I like to think that I am already an outstanding receptionist, but I really enjoyed the seminar anyway.  I like learning new stuff (did you know that the more your arms are covered, the more authoritative you appear?) and I really enjoyed watching the presenter in the way she gave us the information and the way she interacted with her audience.  (Sometimes I think that when I grow up that I want to be a trainer/presenter/facilitator, but I’ll write more about that some other time.)

I found out about this seminar a few months ago and asked my employer if I could go.  So, the company paid for the tuition and paid me for the time.  Pretty cool, huh?  I’d like to go to more seminars, but I don’t know that they will pay for me to go, since I am “just” a receptionist.  Oh, wait.  I learned this morning that I wasn’t supposed to think of myself as “just” a receptionist.  I’m supposed to give myself a title like, um, well, “Office Goddess,” or something equally positive.  :}

On another note, after work I went to Michael’s, the craft store.  You know what?  Working as a receptionist in a corporate office, I really miss the creative part of of me.  When I was a stay at home mom, I did much more creative stuff.  I decorated and painted the walls and sewed stuff like curtains, and quilts, and clothes.  Sometimes I made jewelry.  And I gardened.  And I baked more often. I miss all the creative things I used to do.

I need to find a way to feel more alive so I can have more energy in the evenings to do a little bit of creative stuff so my soul doesn’t completely die.

Especially since it is spring.

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One Response to The first day of spring

  1. Have you thought about evening adult ed classes? I know in my area they have all sorts of stuff from computer skills to cake decorating and knitting. Maybe even YOU could about how to run a class doing something crafty for other people!

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