from “Dear Abby”

Dear Abby:  When I was growing up, my father would ask my mother what she wanted, and then he would buy the opposite.  For example, if she wanted a brown sofa, he would buy a blue one.

One day I realized that he acts the same way toward me.  He will ask my opinion about the color of something – like an appliance – then buy the opposite color.  Is there a name for this behavior? – Anonymous in Atlanta

Dear Anonymous:  Yes, there is.  It is called “passive aggression,” and it’s a way of demonstrating veiled hostility without being directly confrontational.

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One Response to from “Dear Abby”

  1. I would say my ex got a little more aggressive towards the end of our marriage, or at least his behaviors were more overt. He did things like throw a chair across the room and broke it and would block the doorway and yell at me and get more in my face and intimidate. Over all though it was more passive stuff. I never thought he would beat me or anything. There was one time when I was pregnant with one of my children that he got angry with me in the car and hit me on the leg and once he slapped me across the face. Those were the only times in 15 years that he lay a hand on me.

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