Sex and housework

Last week, he sent me an email message at work. 

The “Subject” was “Household chores.”

Here’s what he wrote:


“This is to explain why I have decided not to do the dishes anymore. I will however do the manly job of taking out the trash.


So, I clicked on the link.  Basically, the article says that married men who do more household chores have less sex.

I just had to laugh. 

First of all, he doesn’t do any household chores, except taking out the trash.  And even that began only fairly recently, like in the past few months.  Previous to that, for years, either my daughters or I took out the trash.  As far as dishes goes, yes, occasionally, he washes dishes.  But only occasionally, and nothing I can count on. That, too, began only in the past few months.  But laundry, grocery shopping, most cooking, vacuuming, cleaning, ironing (yes, I still iron) – he does none of those things.  He does get his own breakfast and his own lunch.  But I even did that for him for over twenty-years.

And the sex.  What sex?  Really?  There is no “less sex.”  Ha!

The ironic thing, just the evening before I received this email, as I was grocery shopping in the rain after work, I was thinking, my next man (or maybe it will be my first man???)  is going to be totally competent and totally masculine about being able to stop by the store and pick up what we need, so sometimes he can grocery shop and sometimes I can grocery shop.  And we can take turns cooking, or cook together, or just pick up something.  And we can clean up together.   And the sex will be great and abundant!

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2 Responses to Sex and housework

  1. lol, yes! your first REAL man will be just like that! he’ll WANT to do things for you, he’ll WANT your life to be easier, he’ll WANT to share responsibilities with you…That’s what REAL men do.

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