Yesterday, I went to talk to Julie, the therapist.

It was such a good session and I am so glad that I went.

Things seem so much clearer when I am talking to her.  

But when I come home, things get fuzzy again.  I’ve had the same thing happen when I’ve talked with my brother about my situation.  It seems so clear when we’re discussing it, but then when I come back home, it’s like I get sucked into some strange vortex of unreality.

My daughter, who moved to another state to get away from him, has said the same thing before.  When she was away from home, even for the day at college (before she left for another state), she thought so much clearer.  And I know she is enjoying living by herself in another state without the stress of our “home.”

I guess I just need to find the courage (and the money) to escape this, so then I will be able to think clearly all the time.  And I won’t be so depressed any more.

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