peaceful evening

Last night, when I got home, he took my van and went to visit his mom in the hospital.

(His mother has bone cancer that is in remission.  In the past couple of days, she started having tremendous pain, so she went back to the hospital.  This morning, he told me that the cancer had not returned, but that there was pressure on her nerves, causing the pain.)

So, I’m sorry she has had so much pain and had to be admitted to the hospital again, but it was so, so, so nice to have him away from the house for a few hours.

My daughter was happy about it and as we sat on her bed, talking about her day at school, I could tell it made a difference in her that he wasn’t there.

And me.  I felt so much more relaxed than normal.  Even though I was tired, it was so peaceful to go about doing the things I had to do without him in the house. 

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