wearing Macy’s

Yesterday, there was a huge Go Red For Women event in our area.

And my part in it, aside from just attending?

I was a Macy’s model for the day!

Macy’s is a national sponsor of Go Red For Women and as part of the festivities, a handful of women were there wearing/modeling clothes from Macy’s.

It was a lot of fun and I loved my outfit!  It was a white linen embroidered tunic with wide gold trim at the neckline and at the bottom of the three-quarters length sleeves paired with neutral (beige-ish) linen pants.  It was so comfortable!  And the necklace (which wasn’t really needed because of the gold trim) was a medallion made of white beads on two gold strands.  I thought it was very cool!  And I wore about two inches worth of narrow gold bangles.  They were so pretty!  And the shoes!  They were gold strappy sandals with high wedge heels.  They were amazingly comfortable!   I wear flat shoes almost all the time and I haven’t worn high heels in years and I don’t think I’ve ever worn heels that high, but I loved them!!!  I love high heels – I think they are so sexy!  It was so much fun to wear them!  And I painted my toe-nails deep red – for Go Red For Women – and they looked awesome with the gold sandals.

So much fun!

I could have bought the outfit at a discount, but even with the discount, it would still be WAY out of my price range.  But I told myself, someday I will be able to buy more expensive clothes than I can now.

Like Cinderella after the ball, I changed back into my work clothes and went back to the office.

But it was fun while it lasted!  :}

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One Response to wearing Macy’s

  1. mixedemotions says:

    That’s awesome!!! glad for you, sometimes it’s nice to feel great about ourselves, it boosts up our self confidence, you go girl!!

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